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Your financial freedom is in your hands


Our platform is poised towards empowering our members across the globe to fund their dreams. This system was established to access the lives of its members and ensure their dreams are funded. Luxrybitx System sets a pace others cannot reach, we provide cost effective funding scheme for varying programs and training for our members in order to provide succor and immediate solution to their economic livelihood.

 How it works.
The system operates a 2*2 forced matrix to enable its members generate fund from stage 1 to Stage 4. The system is programmed in bitcoin/dollar ,you earn up to $4000 from level 1-4  with a tiny startup fee of $20 .


$ 20 level one
  • Make a starter payment

  • Refer at least two people.


$ 30 level two
  • Make payment of $30
  • Recieve four payment of $30 ($120)


$ 80 level three
  • Make payment of $80
  • Recieve 8 payments of $80 ($640)


$ 300 level four
  • Make payment  of $300
  • Recieve 10 payment of 300 ($3000)

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